Modelling the E&N in HO Scale in my basement

Credits & Thanks

Of course, I would be absolutely remiss without giving credit where credit is due. This layout is certainly mine, but the invaluable assistance, advice and support from the following people is greatly appreciated:

Dan Hamilton, Murray Larsen, Robert Badmington, Steve Klein, Greg Cave, Michaelea Calon (especially for granting permission to the entire basement for the layout!), Brookes Harrow, David Bedard, and Jason Shron.

Notable thanks to Chris Schwan who has provided invaluable info regarding operations of the real E&N back in 1988, such as carloading information at the various industries along the line.

Special thanks to Grant Eastman, Ken Dougan, Chuck Johnstone, Andy Love of the Calgary Model Trainman Club, and Peter Ulvestad of the Edmonton Model Railway Association for allowing me to participate in your Operating Sessions, which provided numerous learning points for my own layout design.

Lastly, I simply cannot provide enough thanks to Cameron Tough, who has worked many hours on the many tasks needed to get the layout plan done, basement development, and then for all the layout construction, trackwork, locomotive assembly, photos, commentary and everything else… Thank you Cam!

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