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April 5, 2014

With the trackwork finished for the moment, attention turned to getting the trackage actually wired up properly.  As the train actually managed to make it all the way to the main yard track, we knew the continuity of the trackage was good, but without being able to do anything within the yard, it was kinda pointless to carry on with the situation we had.

So out came the drills, 20ga stranded wire in green, red and black, and the soldering station, and wiring was done.  I even got the bus completed all the way down to the end of (temporary) track.  Cam and I worked in our own districts – for me, I worked on completing the wiring to the West Siding Switch of storage track Arrowsmith, Cam worked down the hill and then while I was finishing the bottom of the hill and a portion of the yard, he finished the other part of it.  Progress was made and we had a fully wired layout again.

Much cleaning was done and playtime began.  Well, some say we were testing the layout…yeah… yeah, that’s it.


We certainly found more than few switches which had activation pins which needed grinding.  All were fixed, and then began the massive task of trying to ready enough rolling stock for the ops session…