Modelling the E&N in HO Scale in my basement

June 3rd, 2011

Happy day!

Got an email from a good friend and fellow model railroader David Bedard.  This guy does some pretty fantastic modelling, and after a brief stint in HO scale, went back to N scale.  Still does some great decoder installations and full of other modelling goodness.

But that’s not why I’m writing about him tonight.  No, tonight, I’m writing to say he found my Fast-Tracks #8 turnout assembly fixture!  I’m needing it for at least 5 turnouts on the layout, two of which are needed much sooner than later.  I’ve been almost literally turning my house and garage upside down trying to find this plate of aluminum without success and thinking I’ve lost it.

No, he had it, loaned to him quite some time ago when he wanted to borrow it for building some HO scale turnouts.  He spent around 3 hours trying to find the point-form tool which I already had.

So, Michaelea and I went on a trip to NW Calgary to pay him, his wife and two daughters a visit.  I got my assembly fixture, a couple others (#5 and #7 turnout assembly fixtures and point-form tools) which I wasn’t expecting, but grateful to have nonetheless, and Michaelea got to spend some time with young kids and Samantha.  We also had a great time shooting the breeze and he showed off a #12 N scale turnout built with code 40 rail.  Wow…Talk about tiny!


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