Modelling the E&N in HO Scale in my basement

March 25, 2012

I’m sure you’ve visited the blog at least once or twice in the past month wondering whether I’m still alive.

Yes, I am. ¬†Apologies but as of late, haven’t really had much time. ¬†Been busy with getting things ready to go for SUPERTRAIN (I do the design work for all the printed materials, so it’s been a fair bit of work) and just haven’t had any ability/inclination to head downstairs.

Once the show wraps up, will likely head back down to get some more done.


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  1. James Powell

    It takes hobbiests all of 30 seconds to say it, but thank you for undertaking to do the work for Supertrain. I don’t attend, but without the organizers behind the scenes, the shows wouldn’t happen.


    May 9, 2012 at 9:17 pm

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