Modelling the E&N in HO Scale in my basement

Lessons learned

Spent a few minutes (well, okay so it was closer to a full hour) down in the basement and tried to figure out what task to take care of. Figured a few more feeders could be hooked up to the track and found some begging for some long overdue attention.

Months ago, Dan took on the fun task of crimping feeder wires onto big ring terminals and then getting them into position on the main helix. I finally got around to actually attaching them to the track. Well, half of them….more or less. You see, it’s great to have access to both sides of the helix so the black wires can be soldered on easily from the outside and then go into the inside to solder the red wires to the inside rail.

Except for the fact there’s no easy way to solder the black wires to the track when you can’t be on the outside due to a wall. Oops.

So when we start in on doing the upper deck helix, we’ll solder feeders on when the track is more exposed…


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