Modelling the E&N in HO Scale in my basement

July 31, 2012

Spent the evening tonight doing a lot of cleaning up in the basement.  Things were getting out of hand, messes were everywhere and for some reason, that one sweepstick (30″ radius) was still missing.

So, I used some of those shelf brackets, put them up fairly high up on the standards and put the 2″ strips of wood up there, additional standards yet to be installed and some of the additional strips of wood.  The larger pieces all got consolidated as well out of the way and the floor thoroughly swept.

One could say I made a clean sweep, as I did locate the sweepstick on the floor.

Oh yeah, the other major change was the moving of the chop saw.  For quite some time, it resided up against the wall that was soon to have benchwork installed on it.  It’s now in front of Bryn, with a sheet of plastic stretched across the three decks behind the chop saw to protect it from flying debris and a whole ton of sawdust.

All this done to facilitate more work this upcoming long weekend!


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