Modelling the E&N in HO Scale in my basement

Tricky benchwork

Spent a fair bit of time with Cam and Dan this past weekend. Saturday was primarily spent measuring, checking with levels, and a whole lot of cardboard being drawn on.

Now that the bridge is in, the work of getting to the staging yard is now underway. The big challenge is that there’s a wye into my future programming track and the main route to the staging yard itself happens to be in rather tight quarters. Specifically underneath the stairs to the basement and clearances in spots are tight as hell. Thus, the planning needs to be quite good because we don’t have ability to lay track on said benchwork after it’s installed. This also includes turnouts and their switch machines.

So the need to get it all bang on the first time is quite important.

Sunday had Dan and Cam over to start making lots of sawdust (and I just vacuumed it all!) in constructing the bits. Well, most of them. We’re still working on the one leg of the wye, but we ran out of time on that. More to come in weeks ahead.

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  1. James


    Could you build the benchwork and the trackwork on separate pieces of plywood, so that the trackwork (build on something like 1/8 Birch), slides on top of the benchwork to get into place? Or is there a lack of clearances as well…typical planning stage error :).

    I know, I have 6′ of totally inaccessible trackwork, including a turnout that is “just” accessable. It’s built inside a wall…


    April 30, 2013 at 2:59 pm

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