Modelling the E&N in HO Scale in my basement

January 30, 2011

So within the past couple weeks, I’ve had my primary computer (an Intel iMac, vintage 2006) fail completely on me, however, thanks to the fact the hard drive survived, I’m up and running on a MacBook with all the files intact. The photos for the last update may take some time to retrieve and then upload on the website. Same goes for future photos… (have to sync up my iPhone with the MacBook)

But progress is taking place. I’ve received the wood arcs from Goodship Lollipop (to the tune of 160 plus the cost of the sheets of plywood), the ready rod and some 400 nuts and washers for the helicies (yes, there will be two as per my update from the 5th), a handy digital level from Micro-Mark (amongst a few other goodies for the layout and modelling purposes), and the track from PWRS. Still needing code 70 “flex” track from Micro Engineering, but that will come before too terribly long.

Cam came over this morning and we figured more stuff out, and made a few decisions in terms of what’s being included on the lower deck of the layout, and what’s NOT being included. Specifically, we’re excluding Qualicum Beach from the layout, and more of what’s in between Mud Bay siding and Courtenay. What’s now included: Mud Bay siding. My October, 1988 CP Rail Timetable indicates it was a usable siding, so we may as well make use of it. There’s a ballast spur just to the south of it which will also be included for additional switching opportunities, especially when it comes to work trains. (After all, I do have a Sperry car which will be used every so often, and then the work trains follow afterwards!) I’m also deciding to model a couple of the larger river crossings on the lower deck as well, one of which is the Tsable River trestle. In it’s somewhat compressed version, it’ll occupy about 4 feet worth of length over a combination wood trestle, pin-connected truss and plate girder bridge. Should be fun to build. (Emphasis on “Should”!) Buckley Bay is moving around the corner and we’ll see if we can fit Dominion Tar and Chemicals into the switching scheme for more pole loading for the Courtenay turn. We may also try to fit another bridge (Nile Creek? Waterloo Creek?) into the mix as well. We’ll see.

In any event, we got a few of the 2″ wide strips of 3/4″ plywood cut to lengths suitable for use as shelf brackets, but have yet to secure them into place as I need to acquire a long enough drill bit to drill through them for wire chases and the like. Next weekend marks my 35th birthday and hoping to have a few friends over to help get the first bits of benchwork installed on my layout.



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