Modelling the E&N in HO Scale in my basement

February 26, 2011

For a few hours this morning, Cam came over to get some more progress with the layout. We finished off setting up the base for the main helix – putting a fair number more braces upon which we can secure the lowest rotation of the helix. One more leg to support the weight and the base is for all intents and purposes is done for now. We’ve also measured and marked out the rough location for the holes through which we’ll thread the ready-rod. Unfortunately, we can’t really go much further for the main helix as we need to ascertain the exact position for the entry into the helix from Parksville. And for that, we need to finish the one turn helix at the other end of the basement – the connection from Bryn to the Parksville Industrial area.

And that’s what we worked on following a work-related outing to go bowling at the Glencoe Club. So, we started attaching the first sections of the lower level of the helix to the benchwork. Our first bit of actual trackboard attached to the benchwork!


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