Modelling the E&N in HO Scale in my basement

March 26, 2011

In what’s sounding like a rather similar theme to the last few weeks, Cam again came over to push some more progress on the layout.  Except we needed a bit of materials.  Specifically, wider strips of 3/4″ ply.  After some measurements in my Kia Rondo, it was determined that indeed, the car can actually hold strips of 8′ long materials.  And thus, off to Home Depot to pick up a sheet and have it ripped into various lengths.  A couple 6″ wide strips, a few 3″ strips and the balance in 4″ wide strips.

Why 4″ wide strips?  Reason for them is for support of the Summit region of the upper deck.  We constructed the usual grid of front and fingers together, but owing to the height of the upper deck, they ended up resting on top of the wall.  Kinda tough to secure using screws through the web of the plywood as it would do nothing but split the wood.  So, we backed the entire shebang with 4″ wide strips, and then secured everything to the back of the wall. The plywood will eventually be hidden behind trees and a mountainside. Some additional shims underneath the plywood fingers ensured we’re stable and level.

The upper deck is now definitely going to be in the range of 68″ from the floor.  Awfully high up for those who aren’t of average-or-taller male height.  I’m debating the inclusion of turnouts and other derailment prone trackwork that high up, but we’ll see.

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